I would love to introduce myself and thank you for joining me! My name is Malarie, and I will be using this space to talk about some of my favorite topics, including: physiological birth, undisturbed birth, breastfeeding, natural baby care, baby wearing, cloth diapering, postpartum, bodily autonomy, intactivism, conscious conception and natural living. I hope to start conversations, build community, and provide resources for an EMPOWERED generation of new parents. I urge parents to start their journey of awakening, tuning in to their own selves, and practicing mindfulness in every aspect of their lives.

A little about me…

I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, working with children with various special needs and developmental differences. I love this work, and it has taught me so much about what we are capable of as human beings.

I am a certified doula with DTI. I work with families who desire freedom in their birthing choices, value informed consent, and seek education for bringing their child Earthside in peace. See CONTACT page for more details.

I am a wife to my amazing husband, Thomas, and together we created two incredible boys, Zephyr and Xannon. They are pillars of strength for me, and the reason for my own journey of self discovery. No one could have prepared me for the changes that would come after giving birth to my first son. The changes I would go through. I knew about physical changes… gain some weight, get new breasts, lose some weight, exhaustion, etc.. I knew about love… “a love like you’ve never known.” I didn’t know about the emotional turmoil having a newborn could bring. How I would feel like crying myself every time he cried. How I would literally be a “milk machine” and do nothing but breastfeed every hour. How I would miss my husband like never before when he returned to work and I was left with this little human alone. How guilt would encompass my entire being after ignorantly subjecting my infant son to genital mutilation without anesthesia, and the long recovery he endured. These are things people don’t talk about, because if they did, they might seem weak, or unfit, or emotionally disturbed, and surely alone. I want to bridge some gaps in how we approach parenthood. Let us lean on each other for support, learn from our mistakes, and mindfully raise our babies to thrive in acceptance, health, respect and love. I am SO glad you are here, taking this journey with me.

Love and Peace,



2 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. This is really nice! Welcome. I am also new to this blog site! Best wishes!


  2. Glad to see another fellow intactivism momma and doula!!


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