Laura R.

My husband and I were initially on the fence about hiring a doula due to the cost, but we really wanted a natural birth – Malarie was worth every penny in making our hopes for a natural birth a reality!! We met with her twice during the 3rd trimester to go over our birth plan, talk about our fears and to make sure we were on the same page. She kept in touch via email and text during this time to answer any questions, and she frequently sent articles and motivational messages. Unlike some of the other doulas we had interviewed, Malarie shared a similar holistic mindset and uses yoga, meditation, breathing, essential oils, massage, rebozo, and other techniques in her “doula toolbox.” She helped me to labor at home as long as possible, and it made my husband feel comfortable to know that we had someone who could guide us through the stages of labor (we had taken Bradley Method classes, but that all went out the window during labor!). Even though I had 2 midwives attending my hospital water birth, Malarie was a huge help in the labor room – she continually applied massage and cool compresses and made sure that I stayed hydrated and fed. She made sure that the hospital staff was aware of my birth plan, since I was nonverbal during the later stages of labor. I ended up having the natural birth that I had envisioned, and Malarie definitely played a huge role in my success!!